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Kasituomo 通过对产品的设计、技术、价值等方面的理解,创造出高端生活的各系列定制系统产品,为家创造简单、舒适、温馨、愉悦、时尚产品是Kasituomo品牌始终的追求。

Kasituomo 让家更具有生活美学!

German Kasituomo, focuses on the high-end home system product chain of the whole case. The products are derived from European design art and strictly comply with German industrial standards; disseminate natural, fashionable, simple, environmentally friendly, and artistic products to users.

Kasituomo creates a series of customized system products for high-end life through the understanding of product design, technology, value and other aspects. Creating simple, comfortable, warm, pleasant, and fashionable products for the home is the consistent pursuit of the Kasituomo brand.

Kasituomo makes the home more aesthetics of life!


Kasituomo 饰面板产品特点:


(1)  Kasituomo 饰面板严格按照欧洲工业标准进行生产,产品严格执行欧洲环保标准;产品在生产过程中经切割、消毒、烘干、粉碎、高温、高压等严格环保监控程序,确保成品产品无异味;


(2)  Kasituomo 饰面板均采用欧洲顶级饰面,色泽均匀、无色差、耐高温、耐酸碱、防划伤、纹理清晰,耐磨、安全时尚;


(3)  Kasituomo 产品设计源自欧洲设计美学;产品均全自动化生产、检测,保障产品的品质高于同级产品标准;

(4)  Kasituomo 产品具有良好的物理力学性能,结构紧密、强度高、抗变形、抗剥离、不开裂、耐高温、易清洁、抗紫外线强、不褪色、安全系数高、可塑性强、满足设计美学!

(5)  Kasituomo 产品具有良好的再加工性能,握钉力强,易于锯、钉、钻、开槽;

(6)  Kasituomo 产品具有良好的隔热、隔音效果,防腐、防蛀性能卓越。

Features of Kasituomo veneer products:


(1) Kasituomo decorative panels are produced in strict accordance with European industrial standards, and the products strictly comply with European environmental protection standards; products are cut, disinfected, dried, crushed, high temperature, high pressure and other strict environmental monitoring procedures during the production process to ensure that the finished product has no peculiar smell;


(2) The kasituomo veneer panels are all top European finishes, with uniform color, no color difference, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, scratch resistance, clear texture, wear resistance, safety and fashion;


(3) Kasituomo product design is derived from European design aesthetics; products are fully automated production and testing to ensure that the quality of the products is higher than the product standards of the same level;

(4) Kasituomo products have good physical and mechanical properties, compact structure, high strength, deformation resistance, peeling resistance, no cracking, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, strong UV resistance, no fading, high safety factor, strong plasticity, and meet the design aesthetics!

(5) Kasituomo products have good reprocessing performance, strong nail holding power, easy to saw, nail, drill, and slot;

(6) Kasituomo products have good heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-corrosion and anti-moth performance.




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