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德国CLEAF PIAF(可丽亚芙),产品源于自然的美学理念,产品均由意大利设计团队研发,确保产品设计艺术,按照德国工业标准制造,通过设计将自然、时尚、简约融入到极致的工业产品中。

CLEAF PIAF 产品以自然的天然木皮元素、有色金属元素、天然石材元素及色彩元素为产品核心系统,为追求高品质产品的用户提供全套的完美解决方案。

CLEAF PIAF 产品设计团队通过对自然艺术的设计,运用创新的工业技术,激发出产品与产品之间的完美匹配价值,创造出全案系统配套材料链、产品链及品牌链,为家创造安全、舒适、温馨、愉悦、时尚的产品是CLEAF PIAF品牌始终如一的永恒追求。

German CLEAF PIAF, products are derived from the aesthetic concept of nature. The products are developed by the Italian design team to ensure the art of product design and are manufactured in accordance with German industrial standards. Through design, nature, fashion, and simplicity are integrated into the ultimate industrial product. middle.

CLEAF PIAF product takes natural natural veneer elements, non-ferrous metal elements, natural stone elements and color elements as the core system of the product, providing a complete set of perfect solutions for users who pursue high-quality products.

CLEAF PIAF product design team through the design of natural art and the use of innovative industrial technology to stimulate the perfect matching value between products and products, create a complete system supporting material chain, product chain and brand chain to create safety, Comfortable, warm, pleasant and fashionable products are the consistent and eternal pursuit of the CLEAF PIAF brand.

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