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Kasituomo originated from the Italian design art known for its simplicity and fashion, insisting on providing consumers with high-quality home products; spreading natural, fashionable, simple, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective products to users.

Kasituomo creates a series of customized products for high-end life through the understanding of product design, technology, value and other aspects. Creating simple, comfortable, warm, pleasant and fashionable products for the home is the consistent pursuit of the Kasituomo brand.

Kasituomo protects the health of the home, and its products strictly comply with the Japanese F☆☆☆☆ standards, making the home more aesthetic in life!




(1)  Kasituomo定制板严格使用单一树种定制(小叶桉木),环保等级严格执行日本F☆☆☆☆环保标准,甲醛释放量平均值不超过0.3mg/L;板材在生产过程中经切割、消毒、烘干、粉碎、高温、高压等严格环保监控程序,成品板材会散发出一种淡雅的清香味;


(2) Kasituomo板表面饰面均采用意大利拉米,西班牙英普莱斯等原装进口饰面,色泽均匀、无色差、耐高温、耐酸碱、防划伤、安全时尚;钢板采用意大利CSA钢板,保障纹理清晰,耐磨;






Features of kasituomo products:


(1) The kasituomo customized board strictly uses a single tree species (small leaf eucalyptus), and the environmental protection level strictly implements the Japanese F☆☆☆☆environmental protetion standard, and the average formaldehyde emission does not exceed 0.3mg/L; the boardis cut, Strict environmental protectionmonitoring procedures such as disinfection, drying, crushing, high temperature, high pressure, etc, the finished board will emit a light and elegantfragrance;


(2) The surface finish of kasituomo board is made of Italian Lamy, Spanish Imprex and other original imported finishes, uniform color, no color difference, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, scratch resistance, safe and fashionable; steel plate adopts Italian CSA steel plate , To ensure clear texture and wear resistance;


(3) Kasituomo product design is derived from Italian design aesthetics; all products are fully automated production and testing to ensure that the qualityof the products is higher thanthe productstandards ofthe same level;

(4) Kastuomo products have good physical and mechanical properties, compact structure, high strength, resistance to deformation, peeling resistance, no cracking, high temperature resitance, easy deaning, strong UV resistance, no fading, high safety factor, strong plasticit, and meet the design aesthetics !

(5) Kasituomo products have good reprocessing performance, strong nailholding power, easy to saw, nail, drll, and slot;

(6) Kasituomo products have good heatinsulation, sound insulation, anti-corrosion and anti-moth performance.




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